Facial Dermaplaning


Facial dermaplaning is a non-surgical procedure performed by Salem plastic surgeon Dr. Dann Leonard to correct skin that is damaged and uneven. Oftentimes, skin that appears unhealthy or uneven is often caused by skin damage, whether current or past. Through a facial dermaplaning procedure performed by Dr. Leonard, you can experience skin that not only looks smoother and healthier, but actually is healthier.

The Best Candidates for Facial Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a clinical exfoliation procedure that removes the top layers of skin to even out the appearance of your skin. By removing these outer layers, skin that may be recessed, like in the case of a depressed scar, is brought onto an even plane. While treatments like light chemical peels and microdermabrasion remove some layers of skin, they are less abrasive than dermaplaning. If you are interested in dermaplaning, you should recognize that it is for more severe skin conditions and the recovery time can last at least one week.

The Surgery

For your dermaplaning surgery, you will be given a local anesthetic with sedation, or a general anesthetic—you will sleep through the procedure. In the procedure, Dr. Leonard will use an instrument called a dermatome, which resembles a razor. As he passes the dermatome over the surface of your skin, it oscillates, removing the top damaged layers. When Dr. Leonard has achieved optimal skin smoothness with the dermatome, he will apply and ointment to your skin and cover the treatment site with a bandage.

After Your Surgery

Following your treatment of dermaplaning in Salem, you will need a ride home and help around the house for a couple of days. For the first several days of your recovery, you will need to maintain your skin by keeping fresh bandages on it and applying the ointment. A week or so after your treatment, you will likely no longer need the bandages on your face, but Dr. Leonard may still ask you to apply an ointment. Your skin will still be quite sensitive so you will need to take care to avoid prolonged sun exposure. Peeling or scabbing is likely during this recovery period.

Some risks may be possible following your dermaplaning procedure. These can include scarring, infection or changes in pigmentation. Dr. Leonard will be able to address any concerns you may have about side effects.

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